90-day period of suspension of sanctions on Huawei, no blacklist out

The US government will allegedly give the Chinese giant 90 days more insight to buy components from US companies.

On May 21, the United States Government announced that in the face of the blockade imposed on Chinese companies, it would grant Huawei a 90-day period to suspend sanctions. 
The Chinese manufacturer would then be able to use US components and software before sanctions were effectively imposed against the Chinese group. This three-month period is ending and there is no end to the company's blacklisting. According to sources familiar with the case, in a statement to Reuters , this exemption period could be extended by another 90 days.
According to the news agency, the new extension of the deal will allow the Chinese company to continue to purchase the components it needs for its equipment. Experts say Huawei remains an important United States asset in the trade war against China, and thus, with the new concession, "everything stays the same."
The same sources also say that a phone call is planned between Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping this week to discuss Huawei's situation. For now, the company has not yet commented on any new decisions.
It should be recalled that US sanctions prevent Huawei from using the Android operating system on its new smartphones, and have a major impact on the company's operations, as the brand is number 2 worldwide. Regardless of lifting the embargoes and removing them from the blacklist of sanctions, Huawei has remained firm in producing its own operating system, HarmonyOS, and has recently unveiled the roadmap for the coming years .
On the other hand, US agencies continue to be prohibited from buying products from Huawei , while maintaining compliance with the law known as The National Defense Authorization Act, implemented in January 2018.
Update 15:20: As announced by Reuters , the US Government has secured another 90 days of license for Huawei to continue to purchase components from US companies. In statements, the Government says the new period serves to "enable American consumers to take the time to transition Huawei equipment given persistent security threats," thus recognizing the need to extend the time. The new deadline will take effect until the 18th.in November if the "conflicts" do not change in this trade war between the United States and China.


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