Smartwatches on the market are on the rise, and Apple Watch tops the list

Apple maintains its first position in Q2 2019, distributing 46% of the 12.3 million smartwatch units globally. Follow Samsung and Fitbit.

The data released this Tuesday are from Strategy Analytics and indicate a 44% increase in the number of distributed devices in the market , reaching 12.3 million in the second quarter of this year. Between that period and the same quarter of 2018, distribution went from 8.6 million units to 12.3, so the Strategy Analytics analyst says of an "impressive increase."

This growth is related to the bet on physical activity by users. "Smartwatch growth continues to rise as consumers increasingly access their smartphones with fitness wearables," explains Steven Waltze.

Specifically, Apple placed 5.7 million units globally in the second quarter of 2019, compared to 3.8 million units a year earlier. This is a 2% increase in one year, approaching almost half of global distributions, with 46.4%. "Apple remains the clear smartwatch market leader," explains Neil Mawston, the analyst's executive director.
In the last quarter of 2019, Samsung distributed 2 million units of smartwatches, a figure that doubled over the same period last year, a much higher growth compared to Apple Watch. "New models, such as the Galaxy Watch Active 2 , should enable Samsung to solidify its global smartwatch presence by the end of the year," notes Steven Waltze. The brand represents 16% of worldwide sales value.

Occupying the third position, Fitbit distributed 1.2 million smartwaches, the only one in the top 3 to register a decrease compared to the same period, in this case of 100 thousand units. The distributions of their models represented 10% globally.
"Fitbit will have to act quickly to recover because Samsung, Garmin, Fossil and other competitors are eager to take a slice of their valuable health and fitness customers," says Strategy Analytics CEO.
The wearables sales in the last quarter of 2018 were led by Apple, with an increase in the Apple Watch and AirPods the commercial strategy of the company's apple. At the time, they were two of the most profitable products of the North American brand and it seems that Apple seems to continue to bet on these models in 2019.
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