Amazon will be able to return to the smartphone market if good ideas emerge

Amazon entered the smartphone market with its Fire Phone, trying to capitalize on the success of its tablets. However, the deal proved to be a real fiasco, having received bad reviews from the press and the general public. The device generated losses in the order of 170 million dollars, and since 2015 they have disappeared from the market . Still, the company plans to go back to business, according to information from a company executive to The Telegraph, as Business Insider advances .

According to experts, it makes sense that Amazon try again, because only with a smartphone itself will the company expand the services and growth of Alexa. The executive says that for the company to re-produce a second smartphone will have to come up with a differentiating idea. "It's a huge market segment and it would be interesting, but we need to continue to experiment and the things we want to try are those that have a differentiating factor," says the executive.
For the company, launching a new smartphone in the market is at the level of building a computer. You need an idea that can differentiate you from the fierce and well-established competition in the market.


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