Twitter has been punished by two Huawei employees

However, their crime was not using microblogging (although it was forbidden in China), but being done with iPhone.

He was demoted, and his salary was reduced by about $ 200,000 a month for two Huawei employees after it turned out that the company's new year's Twitter message was sent out of the iPhone, and they forgot to delete the "via Twitter for iPhone" signature. The mistake is understandably embarrassing for the mobile manufacturer who managed to beat Apple in 2018, and is now the second largest mobile manufacturer on the market behind Samsung, and its most popular products are the P and Mate series, directly competing with different versions of iPhone.

Although Twitter is banned in China like many other community services, it is accessible through a proper VPN connection, and Chinese-based multinational companies are certainly not going to stop using them. For Huawei, Sapient is the one who manages Twitter, but according to the internal records, the PC used to post the post was a set-up problem, resulting in employees having a foreign SIM card with a foreign SIM card, from where Huawei's vice president, Chen, was sent to New Year's Eve. Lifang believes that the brand name is a damaging entry.


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