Mark Zuckerberg is building a new Facebook, Apple wants to put it right Siri and PlayStation 2 is celebrating 19 years

For three years, they have reported fake news in Moldova in Moldova before anything has finally happened. Three years of ignoring problems and then sudden intervention. The one that Facebook boasts of in PR on how it protects Moldovan elections. But it would probably not have happened if the three developers did not integrate into the development of Chrome extensions and subsequently failed to break through a personal meeting with one of the Facebook employees. Now that something similar has been achieved in the Czech Republic, Facebook has been ignoring us for years. And one more enlightening thing in  These Developers Say It Took Three Years And A Chance To Get To Facebook To Deal With Their Country's Fake News: reporting for "fake news" via Facebook mechanisms doesn't work anywhere. Which is logical, most of the "reporting" is there just to satisfy the user, nothing happens to them. So check out trolless.com.

Mark Zuckerberg announced "new Facebook" focused on private information sharing. It is intended to focus on direct private interaction between people, end-to-end encryption, automatically deleting messages, security and secure message storage. Apparently, the preparation of Facebook will take several years and it will be done "openly and collaboratively". See A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking and there's no word that Facebook will stop selling, collecting, and commercializing user information. Logically, because this is not possible and it is contrary to the "social network based on user privacy". This is not at all, it is mainly an attack on a part of the market that does not belong to Facebook and wants to get it.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to emulate WeChat, writing in the New York Times to plan to change the direction of Facebook to private messaging. In  Mark Zuckerberg's Wants Facebook to Emulate WeChat. Can It? but they also say that Facebook would need it to be mass-paid, just like Chinese WeChat. They even managed to shuffle Facebook's efforts towards their own cryptocurrency. Fun theory, but it can be understood. It's hard to say what's going on in Mark's head. One thing is certain, as mentioned above: Facebook feels the opportunity to gain another part of the market. And once he did it with the robbery of Snapchat Stories.


W3C has approved WebAuthn , the new standard for password-free sign-on - especially with biometrics, mobile devices and security keys. Currently it is supported in Android and Windows 10. In Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers, Apple is currently only in beta Safari.

Microsoft has a new Skype for the Web , but it has a tiny hook. It doesn't work in Safari, Firefox or Opera, just Chrome and Edge.
Flickr changes conditions again, Creative Commons photos will not count to 1000 photos. And to make matters worse, it introduces accounts for the deceased, where the limit will not apply and the accounts will remain free in their original form after the user has stopped paying (and previously paid). Special ideas. See Flickr says Creative Commons .
Did Wikipedia lose 21% of traffic due to Google displaying search information directly on the search results page? In Forrester: Wikipedia Lost 21% Of Their Traffic After Google Featured Snippets Launched to Search Engine Roundtable almost considered it a clear thing, but as it turns out, everything is different. It is part of endless discussions about whether "Featured Snippets" are or are not evil.


Microsoft is working on Windows Lite (Santorini), a dual display device and similar Chromebooks. The question is whether Microsoft will ever learn from decades of previous similar attempts. See Microsoft is creating Windows Lite for dual-screen and Chromebook-like devices .
G-Suite Basic Edition will increase from five to six USD per month from April. The Enterprise Edition will stay the same. Google justifies this because today's G-Suite can do more than it was when it was priced. It lacks a lot, because wringing (for example) adding Hangouts that were there before Google canceled this service doesn't work much. In addition, the new Hangouts are pretty useless and can't be used outside the G-Suite.
Windows Calculator is Open Source and can be found on GitHub. See Microsoft open-source Windows calculator on GitHub and Microsoft / calculator .
Microsoft has integrated Yammer into Teams. Yammer acquired $ 1.2 billion in acquisition in 2012. Teams are new, launched in March 2017 and today are in use by more than 329,000 businesses and organizations. Microsoft is trying to compete with Slack, Facebook WorkPlace and Google Hangouts Chat, and Skype for Business and Skype Room Systems have already moved to Teams. Yammer is not expecting this (for now), it was just for integration and Yammer can be added to Teams channels. See Yammer & Microsoft Teams: Ideas for using the Yammer tab in Teams .
Windows 10 is on more than 800 million devices. Microsoft made the announcement at a completely interactive and totally unusable site news.microsoft.com/bythenumbers/en/cortana . You can probably read about it in Windows 10 now runs on 800 million devices .


19 years since the launch of Sony PlayStation 2  (March 4, 2000 in Japan). 155 million units, one of the first DVD players on the market. With 32 MB of memory, 4 MB of graphics memory and a 20GB hard drive.
Often, unmistakable car security can only be overcome by simply changing the email via the API. In  Gone in six seconds? Exploiting car alarms , however, is more described in the possible scenarios.


40% of "AI" startups don't use any AI at all in Europe. They just feed on the wave around AI. They found out in the London MMC by exploring 2830 AI startups from 13 countries. The Czech Republic is not mentioned.
The Instagram transition in Facebook continues, corporate profile pages are coming. Obviously, they are an extension of Facebook pages and they can see that Facebook still did not understand that the automatic creation of company (local) profiles is something that the Facebook pages did not recover even ten years after it began to do so. See Instagram Rolls Out In-App Local Business Profile Pages .
JetBlue gives flying free to people who completely lubricate Instagram photos. Then they have to publish one photo from JetBlue and hope they will be lucky in the draw. See JetBlue contest asks users to delete their Instagram pics to fly free for a year, and it must be added that deleting all Instagram photos is not a matter of difficult decision making, but rather a difficult implementation. Absolutely, Instagram doesn't think of anything like that. If you delete them too quickly, they will block your account.
The Dutch authority points out that requests for consent to cookies are often not addressed in relation to GDPR. In the original see Websites moeten toegankelijk blijven bij weigeren tracking cookies and English see Cookie walls don't comply with GDPR, says Dutch DPA . The main problem is when refusal to grant "consent" means that the user will not get to the site. The nonsense is also to require consent in exchange for functionality that serves the functioning of the site as such and an analysis of what is happening on it. And if you want to see how not to do so, look at the European IAB . That's where you see that it can't be refused, you just have to agree.


40% of malicious URLs are in good domains. In many cases, these are compromised sites and home users are the most vulnerable. The number of phishing sites is growing substantially, including the massive use of SSL certificates.
BuggyCow. 0day for Mac OS means the end of one era and myths about security. See HACK BRIEF: GOOGLE REVEALS 'BUGGYCOW,' and RARE MACOS ZERO-DAY VULNERABILITY and Issue 1726: XNU: copy-on-write behavior bypass via mount-user-filesystem image . The most unpleasant thing is that even after three months of discovery, Apple does not solve the problem.
0day ( CVE-2019–5786 ) in Chrome lets you run code remotely and the new Google Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability Found Actively Exploited in the Wild is already being exploited for attacks. The fix should arrive at 72.0.3626.121.
809 million records of Verifications.io company dedicated to e-mail marketing is freely available. The 159 GB MongoDB database contained not only 763 million unique e-mails, but also a host of other information. See AN EMAIL MARKETING COMPANY LEFT 809 MILLION RECORDS EXPOSED ONLINE and 800+ Million Emails Leaked Online by Email Verification Service .
Hackers have entered Citrix's internal networks and acquired business documents. At the same time, Citrix learned from the FBI that hackers first found users with weak passwords and then gradually spread the attack. See Citrix investigating unauthorized access to the internal network and supply chain - The Major Target of Cyberespionage Groups , where Resecurity states that the attack is significantly larger than Citrix.
Saudi Arabia's mobile app that has watched women is not in violation of Google's Rules. According to Saudi's app used to track women's 'not against' Google rules, it seems that Google's official statement (but also Apple) is still waiting.


Facebook (again) interferes with sales of fake accounts, likes and watches on Facebook and Instagram. But this time it is about filing lawsuits against four companies and three individuals from China, so don't expect anything other than PR. Interesting mention in the announcement is also about cybersquatting.
They will tell you that Facebook is not wasting users. Reality? There are 15 million less in the US, even in 2017. The biggest drop is for users aged 12 to 34. See US Users Leaving Facebook by Edison Research says .
Facebook in the UK discovered a network of fake news accounts, groups and sites. In total, they have eliminated more than 130 and are more than certain that there are several times more. It's the first time Facebook has done such a thing in the UK. Even now, after many years of hard ignoring, he would have started to do the same in the Czech Republic and the surrounding area. See Facebook discovers UK 'fake news' network .
Facebook will suppress content directed against vaccination and hide it on Instagram. But not that it affects the content itself, but it does not appear in referral algorithms and searches. See Facebook, Facing Lawmaker Questions, Says It May Remove Anti-Vaccine Recommendations .
Messenger was leaky, foreign sites could watch who you were chatting with. See Mapping Communication Between Facebook Accounts Using Browser-Based Side Channel Attack and Bug Already Fixed. Which does not mean that there will be no more. Useful reading to teach you the Cross-Site Frame Leakage (CSFL).


Apple wants to put Siri in order. Employs a person who describes the problems and explains the management of the company. If it wasn't enough for Apple's bosses to actually use their own products? See Apple's hiring an analyte to explain Siri complaints to executives .
Foursquare probably knows where you are and who you are without having this app on your mobile. You don't have to have Swarm, the other part of Foursquare. Indeed, from a widespread social network, Foursquare has become part of a flood of applications that help track users and use their location marketing information. Today, Pilgrim is part of tens of thousands of applications and websites. See YOU MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN FOURSQUARE, BUT IT DIDN'T FORGET YOU .


RIP Jibo. The social robot, which has collected $ 73 million in crowdfunding and won over 3 million via Indiegogo, ends . The $ 899 home assistant may have ended because the competition is just faster, cheaper and more aggressive.
The Financial Times gained majority in The Next Web. See Financial Times acquires majority stake in TNW (The Next Web) .
Elizabeth Warren proposes the division of technology giants such as Amazon and Facebook. The last time this was done in the US when they tried to split Microsoft, they had already come to the conclusion that this ancient tool just didn't work in the new era. Warren even suggests canceling some of the acquisitions, including, for example, buying Waze Google or WhatsApp and Facebook Instagram. See Elizabeth Warren's Breaking Up Tech Giants Like Amazon and Facebook .
Mobike is pulling back to China, aggressive international expansion has not come out. The same thing happened, of course, but it is much more affected (partly because it has long been expected that these two companies will be united). Mobike is perhaps better off because about a year ago it was bought for $ 2.7 billion by the Chinese giant Meituan. But the main problem is finding a sustainable business model. See Bike-sharing pioneer Mobike is retreating to China .


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