Huawei CEO believes that facing the US requires an “iron army”

For Ren Zhengfei, structural renewal has to be done within three to five years and starting internally.

Huawei's future in the United States is increasingly uncertain, and now Huawei's CEO has set clear goals to face the "war" against Donald Trump. The news is advanced by Bloomerg, who says he had access to an internal memo where the CEO of the Chinese manufacturer says that a restructuring in the company is needed.

Since May on the United States blacklist , Huawei has seen its smartphone business threatened after being barred from marketing its smartphone technology in the US. However, Donald Trump has opted for a special license, which allows the Chinese company to continue to buy technology and products in the United States despite remaining on the list.
The consumer sector in particular faces a "long and painful march," says Ren Zhengfei as a possible reference to the Communist Party's historic march on China.
That's why the company's CEO talks about the need for an internal renovation to meet wartime needs. But how is this going to be done? According to the site, organizations deemed unnecessary or redundant will be removed, but Ren Zhengfei has not detailed how this process will proceed.
"We have to complete a review under difficult conditions by creating an invincible iron army that can help us achieve victory," Ren Zhengfei wrote in the August 2 document. And for Huawei CEO there is no doubt, this renewal has to be done between three and five years.
As early as August, China's relationship with the United States appears to have again experienced a peak of tension, with Donald Trump stating that the United States would not negotiate with Huawei. The White House later clarified that the US president was referring to a US government ban on using company products or technology .
The statement came as the Chinese government refused to buy agricultural products from the United States, a move that could be a retaliation for Trump's tariffs on imports from China. Now it is waiting for new developments in this story that seems endless.
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