Huawei operating system may be introduced this week

The Android alternative is due to be presented in China this Friday at the Huawei's Developer Conference. HongMeng should first appear on a smartphone by the end of the year.

The news is advanced by the Global Times which explains that Huawei is testing its first smartphone with the HongMeng operating system (OS) and could be launched later this year in the last quarter of 2019.

With a value of around $ 288 (258 euros), the model will be low to medium range. The goal is to attract developers and users to join the ecosystem, anonymous sources say to the Chinese newspaper.
One of the system tests will be related to its compatibility with Android applications. "Huawei's new smartphones with the HongMeng OS will debut in the market in the fourth quarter. The smartphone is expected to emerge at about the same time as the Huawei Mate 30," a source told the website.
In addition to smartphones and industrial use, Huawei has bigger plans for HongMeng OS. Unlike the Linux-based Android system, Huawei's idea of ​​developing HongMeng is similar to Google Fuchsia, which can more easily integrate artificial intelligence and work across multiple platforms.
By the end of May, Huawei CEO Richard Yu had already confirmed in a private conversation that the company was about to launch its own mobile operating system . At the time, anonymous sources pointed to the fall period as the time for launch.
Shortly after the United States blacklisted Huawei with several sanctions , China has sought to register its own OS in nine countries . The Chinese company would be preparing for the possibility of being prevented from continuing to use the Android OS.
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