Technology and haute couture blend into new Louis Vuitton handbags

Louis Vuitton (LV) is not one of the first brands we associate with folding screens, but after Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other mobile manufacturers have laid hands on technology, it was the French brand that decided to create a product with this integrated solution. To the market will arrive several handbags with built-in flexible displays, using technology from Royole, considered the first manufacturer to launch a smartphone with folding screen.

Despite having developed more than one model, LV chose to work only with AMOLED screens of 1,920 x 1,440. The company displayed two suitcases this past week, in New York, during a parade organized under the Cruise 2020.

One of the bags has only one screen, while the other, larger in size, has two. In this first version, the screens served only to display random images of cities and a demo of what appeared to be a browser.
Louis Vuitton stresses that it always seeks to "merge innovation with the knowledge and experience of the fashion industry". It remains to be determined whether or not these bags will reach the stores. However, the brand says the idea "is to think of the suitcase as an extension of the smartphone." "Thus," he concludes, "we can look at the suitcases like the screens of the future."
Remember that Louis Vuitton is not a stranger in the technology industry. Still recently, he released a pair of wireless headsets.


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