4 tricks to write faster on your smartphone

Wiko brings you 4 essential tricks to get you writing faster on your smartphone. Whether your goal is to be the fastest WhatsApp group to respond or create some kind of content while you're on the road, these tips are imperative.

  1. Check what works for you: thumbs or index finger? 
    The most important thing is to find a good way to position your fingers to write, one that works for you. This can mean holding the smartphone with both hands and using your thumbs to type, gaining speed with the use of two fingers at the same time, or holding it with one hand and using only the index finger. Some Wiko smartphones also include the "One-Handed" feature, minimizing the screen space to fit for use with a single thumb. Try both hypotheses and see which one you feel most comfortable with. Consider the orientation of the smartphone: if you use your smartphone down, using two fingers may work better, but if you use it vertically you have a smaller writing area, so the indicator may be the right solution.
  2. With a finger slide everything happens 
    In addition to the more basic functions like the automatic corrector or predictions of writing, you also have the option to activate writing by finger slide. In this option, just slide your finger over the letters that form the word you want to put, and it is written in its total, being suggested by your smartphone. To activate this function, simply go to the virtual keyboard, Typing by Gesture. Try it!
  3. Try using the voice to write 
    It may sound cheating, but it's a good trick to keep in mind. Instead of writing everything on the keyboard, you can use the "write voice message" feature. The words you say will be converted into text, as if you had written them. Speech recognition is not perfect, so when you tap the "microphone" icon on the keyboard, you should spell out the words as clearly as possible.
  4. Configures text expansion shortcuts Text expansion 
    shortcuts can also speed up message writing, especially short messages, common phrases, and other repetitive themes that customs write. Set up your own shortcuts and your smartphone will automatically replace some short characters with a longer text string: for example, OMG will be replaced by Oh My God. You can activate this function in the "Personal Dictionary" keypad settings, as is normally the case identified.
These are small tips that can save you a few essential seconds when it comes to typing on your smartphone, so you can achieve your goals faster! Do experiments and decide what works best for you.


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