6 tips on how to save your smartphone battery to the fullest!

Most of us never think of the smartphone's battery until we're out of it. It is when we see that percentage decrease that we realize we have to do anything to save, but there are some ways to extend the battery life, avoiding this last-minute panic. Since loading them the right way to keep your smartphone up to date, there are many little tricks that make a difference at one point. Thus, Wiko, European manufacturer of smartphones, brings you 6 essential tips for better use of your battery.

  1. Activates battery saver 
    Opens the quick access menu and holds down the "Battery Saver" option for a few seconds. Select when you want this function to activate automatically and slide the "On" button.
  2. Turn off 
    Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth connections when not in use These services, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth, consume a lot of power in the equipment because they are always looking for signal and location. If you are in a weak signal location, you must also turn off the mobile data. To do this, simply go to the quick access menu and click on the icons.
  3. Enable adaptive brightness 
    Take advantage of the adaptive brightness function through the advanced options in the screen menu to automatically adjust the light level of the phone's display. This feature will provide you with greater battery savings. The latest smartphones have considerably more durable batteries than the older ones, and depending on usage, they can provide up to 48 hours of use before needing a boost.
  4. Adjust settings for your use 
    Change the display settings on your smartphone so that the screen timeout is set to a lower setting.
  5. Close the applications in the background 
    Close the applications open in the background: click on the corresponding icon (in the smartphones Wiko is the square that you will find in the navigation bar) and after all the applications that you have open appear, you can close them all at once by clicking "clear all".
  6. Turn off push notifications 
    It's normal that you want to know all the news as it happens or follow the comments on Facebook and Instagram at the time they are published on the wall, but these notifications require a lot of energy. Turn them off when you need to save power and re-enable them when you've already loaded your smartphone.
From now on, with this care, you will certainly be able to save more battery life in difficult times. Put these 6 tips into practice and get the most out of your smartphone!


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