What Artificial Intelligence Can Do For Your Business

The term Artificial Intelligence, which can also be found in articles such as AI (artificial intelligence), is no longer a possibility and has become a reality because it can be used in medicine, in the household and even in business management.
But do you know what exactly is so famous Artificial Intelligence? First forget the concept of robots and machines demonstrating emotions.

Artificial Intelligence, in fact, consists of software that enables machines to imitate human knowledge. In this sense, they become able to perform basic day to day tasks.
Among the capabilities that Artificial Intelligence brings to the machines are the ability to learn continuously, as well as understand texts, sounds and images.

Artificial Intelligence in running your business

In a time like today, where creating a blog and a website is critical to running a business, using Artificial Intelligence can bring many benefits.   
An example of the presence of AI today may be an antispam tool used in e-mail because it has the ability to recognize alone which messages should be deleted.
In the management of a company, Artificial Intelligence is synonymous with practicality, economy and agility, generating with this more satisfactory results.
The fact is that, for each specific function, as well as for different types of enterprises, there are AI software capable of optimizing the service.
The LegalRobot , for example, is a software that aims to assist in the review of legal documents, making them more understandable to the parties involved.   
In addition, it was through Artificial Intelligence that made possible the development of Cloud Computing, or also called Cloud Computing, which is one of the most used resources in several segments.
Google Drive and Dropbox are two examples of Cloud Computing that help you run a business. Through them it is possible to share and store various types of files useful for a company, such as spreadsheets, texts, images and audios.  
Artificial Intelligence Helping a Web Project
If your business is a virtual store, Artificial Intelligence can also have benefits. An example of this is the Dynamic Yeld software, which brings features to help you customize your e-commerce.
In addition, when it comes to an online store, you know that, just like a physical store, an e-commerce should also prioritize quality service. 
Therefore, acquiring good website hosting can guarantee this quality , be it through more memory capacity, technical support, more uptime and also security.
But to further qualify the care of your business on the web you need to customize it. Interaction with the customer is an important resource and makes the shopping experience more enjoyable, helping to retain customer loyalty.
This is where Artificial Intelligence can contribute a lot to your online store through chatbots. Some examples of them are Aaron and Brain.
The advantage of chatbots lies in the agility of the service, since they allow the customer to stay longer on your site. They also make it possible to have the service done at any time.
Automating customer service tends only to improve your business, making it accessible to more and more customers. In addition, it is not just the service of your online store that wins with Artificial Intelligence.
Takt, for example, is an AI software that allows you to better understand your customers' preferences. 
Artificial Intelligence and the safety of your business
The security issue of an online venture also concerns service, after all, neither you nor even your customers want your data and passwords stolen by intruders, right?
So much so that web hosting companies have in their most advanced plans protection features, such as the SSL certificate, which acts by means of encryption for the protection of sensitive data.
In this case, some examples of artificial intelligence software intended for digital security are Delphi, which protects against malware and suspicious activity on the web. 
There is also SentinelOne , which helps you predict, detect and eliminate potential threats in your web project.
It is important to be aware that Artificial Intelligence is not an exaggerated concept or capable of enabling autonomous machines to acquire free will.
None of this, this "Frankenstein Syndrome" is interesting in works of science fiction, because in real life AI is already a reality in our daily lives and is bringing many advantages.
For this reason, when investing in a business, be it a physical company or a virtual store, delve deeper into the concepts and benefits that Artificial Intelligence can offer.


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