Next Reality develops app for Water Museum

The Portuguese Free Water Company (EPAL) recently announced the availability of an application that allows to know in more detail the monuments of the Water Museum. The application is called "Water Museum" and was published last week.
With this application, visitors have access to detailed information on the Water Museum and data on their cultural spaces.
 Designed for the national public and for foreign visitors, the NextReality app has augmented reality technology (RA) to highlight elements in three dimensions and give voice to historical characters - arguments that make it possible to enhance the museum's heritage and enrich the visit with interactive elements that give life to the story and improve the visitor experience.
The application has an ample supply of information and animations of Augmented Reality that help to know better the histories of the monuments that are part of the museum. The museum has its many monuments scattered throughout Lisbon: the Águas Livres Aqueduct, the Mãe D'Água das Amoreiras Reservoir, the Barbadinhos Steam Lift Station and the Patriarcal Reservoir. Visitors to these locations can access rich content enhanced content using the camera on their smartphone and viewing the animations on the screen of this device. The experience is very intuitive and revolutionizes the user experience, literally adding a new dimension to the visit: we can now access windows to the past of the aqueduct,
Besides offering an enhanced experience with augmented reality, the application also offers news about the museum, the cultural agenda, images, unpublished stories about some of the characters of the national history, and information about exhibitions and information about visits to monuments, among other features.
Available in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, the app developed by NextReality can be used on iOS devices and Android is now available for free download on Google Play or the App Store.


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