Huawei's Android operating system has been around for a long time

Referring to three Chinese reports, China's Global Times wrote in a post on Twitter that Huawei's proprietary operating system code is HongMeng OS. You will need to deploy this because Google will not license Android to the company, the background of which has been reported below .

Of course, this was not done from scratch, as Richard Yu, President-in-Chief of Huawei, had previously referred to Welt in his interview to develop their own operating system in the background, in order to respond to an over-anger with the United States. state. The latter is essentially done, so it looks like the development that is so much unknown, but according to unconfirmed rumors, the system began to be designed in 2012.
So the ultra-mobile market will be able to recover Huawei relatively soon after the US-introduced stomach, and after all, system chips are designed by themselves, and those components that may be ordered from US-based companies are not too difficult to replace.
For mobile PCs, the situation is more complicated, with more reorganization, because if you can still design HiSilicon system chips with similar capabilities to Intel and AMD, Microsoft's software background is almost impossible to replace. However, this market is not as critical to the company as ultra-mobile solutions.

The main issues concern the networking segment, which even Huawei does not say much about. It is much harder to replace the US-registered partners here, and the industry knows it, and Cisco competed in the wake of the announcement. Probably there is some plan for this in the Chinese manufacturer, but it is difficult to guess.


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