Garmin Body Battery gives users energy

The  Body Battery ™  of  Garmin  analyzes heart rate variability  -  the time interval between each heartbeat - to indicate whether you are having a quiet day, balanced, stressful, or is in any intermediate stage. A high Body Battery value indicates that the user should remain active, a low number suggests rest for recovery. This system helps users assess and create patterns to better understand how their past-day behaviors and activities influence how they feel at a given moment. 

Rest is the best source of energy
The energy levels we need to be all day long mentally and physically are replenished during recovery periods - when we are calmer, in the small naps or at night when we are asleep. It is these breaks that increase our energy, but it is at night that the most important recovery process happens.
But after all what is a "good night's sleep," and how do we know if the hours we slept were really regenerative?
Experts recommend that adults sleep 7-9 hours each night. But the truth is that each person needs different hours of sleep to recharge the energy. Our body gives us throughout the day all the information we need to more effectively manage our energy and mood, but we can not always see these signs. The  Body Battery ™  does it for us. As? Go collect all this data and present us reports that indicate the "battery level" that our body still has.
Important indicators 
Physical exercise greatly reduces our energy, but not necessarily in a negative way. Stress can "drain" energy faster and damage our well-being. The old maxim "body is in sound mind" makes perfect sense. The brain is part of our body and influences how we think, solve problems, deal with the most different situations, and even how we regulate our emotions. Body Battery ™monitoring  uses a combination of data on stress, heart rate variability, sleep and activity to measure the body's energy reserves at any time, so that we can plan the day and optimize times of rest and activity. When we rest comfortably and our battery is charged we feel physically fresh and mentally agile.
The information given by  Body ™ Battery  of  Garmin  is also essential to know what kind of training should do, based on the energy levels of your body. The downside of doing a demanding low battery workout is that in the long run efforts can be counterproductive. The benefits and gains obtained through training are achieved through physiological adaptations that respond to the challenges posed. With few hours of sleep, tired and under stress, your body does not have the same resistance. The information provided by the  Body Battery ™  and all other Garmin equipment features   helps users optimize and customize their workouts to make them truly more effective.
It is important to realize that the quality of sleep is not measured just by the hours we sleep. 8 hours of restless sleep will certainly not be as effective as 8 hours of deep sleep. What we do at night before going to sleep significantly influences the quality of our sleep and the amount of battery we have in the morning. Consumption of alcohol, sports activity at night, use of electronic devices or viewing more exciting movies are some of the factors that reduce sleep quality.


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