Five Reasons to Love Smart Lamps

The intelligent lamps allow you to recreate atmospheres according to our disposition. The lighting we envision for a party with friends is completely different from the one we envision to watch a horror movie or even to help us fall asleep.
Of course the house lighting has evolved and the user no longer has the patience to stand up and turn on the light of a room ... because it's annoying! 
Simplicity in the installation and management of these devices, which can already be controlled via mobile or voice apps, have enabled smart lamps to no longer be geeks and used by ordinary customers as well.
The fact that they can be monitored for use and have been designed in LEDs makes them a more economical option if we are to reduce the electricity bill. And the advantages do not stop here. TP-Link lists five other reasons to bet on smart lamps:
  1. They are adjustable. Who does not like to control the intensity of light to create more welcoming environments? This usually involves a high cost because this type of lighting often requires new switches throughout the house. However, smart lamps are 100% adjustable so replace your conventional lamps with these and adjust the light intensity according to your needs.
  2. They can be controlled from your smartphone or with your voice. It always feels good not to have to stand up purposely to turn the light on or off, right? With this technology you can do it in the comfort of your sofa.
  3. They change color. Adjusting the intensity of the light is surprising but ... and if you can choose between 16 million colors to create an environment? Different studies show that color makes us feel the temperature of the place where we are in a different way. If it feels cold, change to a golden or yellow light. If it is too hot, opt for a blue tone.
  4. They help you fall asleep and wake up in a better mood. Most people love to sleep, but the daily pace prevents us from sleeping as much as we would like. Did you know that smart lamps can help you have a deeper, more peaceful sleep? Just lighten up with a soft color the fourth thirty minutes before going to bed. This will make it easier to fall into Morpheus's arms. The possibility of choosing the light color will also allow you to use the intelligent lamps as an alarm clock, programming your lighting from low to high intensity, simulating the light of dawn. A better alternative to conventional (and noisy) alarm, do you agree?
  5. Synchronize with music. Are you having a party? Adapt the ambience of your home to the music of your choice: pop, rock, classical ... what's your favorite?


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