Apple will reduce iPhone production by 10%

After publishing pessimistic reports about declining demand for smartphones, Apple has decided to cut iPhone production over the next few months. And, apparently, not for the first time. 

Initially, the developer had to deliver 48 million devices from January to March. Then the figure dropped to 43 million, and now production has been reduced by another ten percent.
Nikkei Asian Review announces that Apple has asked suppliers to assemble their iPhone not so active. Changes affect all three current models: iPhone Xr, Xs, and Xs Max. 

In the same period last year, Apple managed to sell 52.2 million iPhones. 

Early in January, Tim Cook published an open letter to shareholders declaring the drop in iPhone demand. This also affected the company's revenue: instead of the $ 89-93 billion expected, the company will earn only $ 84 billion. At the same time, the decline affects only the mobile market, the demand for other products and services of the company is growing.


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