Google Docs Update Will Help Blind People Track Edits in Real-Time Documents

The new feature is designed to be used in conjunction with screen readers or Braille displays and will be available in the coming weeks.

Google has released several accessibility-focused updates this year, from Live Transcribe to Sound Amplifier . 
The latest is for Google Docs and helps you track real-time updates made by multiple contributors to your document, screen readers, or Braille displays.
This new sidebar lists real-time updates made by others who edit the document. Each entry mentions your username, your profile icon with the corresponding highlight color, the timestamp, and the general change you make, such as "add" or "replace".
These changes can be read aloud by the chosen user's assertive device, giving them the option to follow only a single contributor or everyone working on the document.
The Google Docs editions sidebar was launched this Tuesday and will be available for all editions of G Suite services in the coming weeks. The feature can be enabled in the document settings.


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