Facebook also reads private posts, Google is heading to liquidate the affiliate, and Solitaire has entered the Hall of Fame

Facebook employs hundreds of people who read and tag posts. All, not just "public." Readers of your posts are classically external suppliers, and Facebook lets them categorize them to better understand what people are putting on Facebook. You can't avoid this, and Facebook insists that this other major privacy violation just needs it. The team of externals even went back to 2014. Each of the designers who come from India, Romania, Manila and the Philippines sees 700 posts a day. Other teams are going through videos and looking for sensitive topics and inappropriate terms, especially to help Facebook advertisers with "AI" avoid inappropriate videos. See Facebook 'labels' posts by hand, posing privacy questions .

Facebook's endeavor to halt suicide is a classic disaster. The technological approach is completely different from everything we know about this problem and how it is dealt with. The most ridiculous thing is that if Facebook finds out that an account is showing "suicidal tendencies", it will block the user from the account. Detecting relies on reporting, but also on analyzing user contributions. Which, logically, leads to a series of false detections. See Facebook's effort to stop suicides by monitoring your posts reveals and worrisome gap between giants and healthcare experts .


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Google I / O revolved around privacy as otherwise. But, the whole thing is still a little bad. "Our experience shows that people prefer ads that are personalized to their needs and interests. People prefer not to see any ads, and as we know, personalization based on an endless effort to guess what an internet user wants is fundamentally flawed. Google should start to stop gathering people about people. But it would completely ruin the basis of his business model. Vicious circle. See Google's new browser tools on privacy, ad transparency, and Google's Sundar Pichai: Privacy Good. Especially the other is good, privacy should not be a luxury item. It also says Sundar Pichai . But it can't be changed in the current model.

Googlebot is on the last Chromium. An interesting and important message, it means that the indexing robot accesses the site much more "like a man". See The new evergreen Googlebot .

Google Trends and usage for research? In Using Google Trends data for research? Here are 6 questions to ask summarizing for, against, and most importantly what hurts and limitations it has. Required reading before trying to deduce something from Google Trends.

Frisky , once a popular website for women, today a strange tangle of strange content. Interesting Reading in How A Popular Women's Website Became A Pay-To-Play Nightmare.


Windows Solitaire has entered the World Video Game Hall of Fame . Do company games like Doom, Tetris and World of Warcraft. For the first time Solitaire appeared in Windows 3.0 and its goal was not to play as much as to teach the user to use the mouse. In Windows, it lasted up to the seventh version to be replaced by a collection of card games in eights. In numbers, it probably means over a billion installations and several billion players. And maybe you might wonder that this game is sometimes just impossible to win.

Microsoft launches Visual Studio Online - the online version of the popular Visual Studio Code editor with additional options. See Intelligent Productivity and Collaboration from anywhere.

Microsoft released Windows Terminal as open source. It should also appear in the Microsoft Store and is interesting for tabs and some other enhancements. Found in github.com/Microsoft/Terminal .

You can play Minecraft Classic again. In the browser. A trip to the past can be found at classic.minecraft.net and the announcement in EMBRACE THE PAST WITH MINECRAFT CLASSIC .

Windows 10 will not have Sets. Most likely they don't even count on them, even though it looked like a big deal and even bigger plans. Timeline, announced in 2017 with Sets, has gotten into Windows 10, though it's pretty uncertain that anyone is actually using it. See Windows 10's 'Sets' feature is gone and not expected to return .

PUBG Mobile will not be in China, instead Tencent will launch a more patriotic alternative that has no problem obtaining local regulators. The alternative is Game for Peace, an anti-terrorist game based on the same principle. See Tencent pulls blockbuster game PUBG in China, launches patriotic alternative and Tencent scraps 'PUBG Mobile,' replaces it with more 'Game for Peace' compliant .


It's not easy to migrate 23 TB from Amazon S3 to Backblaze B2. And it doesn't even have to be cheap. See Migrating 23TB from Amazon S3 to Backblaze B2 in Just Seven Hours .


Facebook has reopened the war room to protect the EU. This was once there and it ended with closure and failure. Overall, there is no reason to expect it to turn out differently. See Inside Facebook's war room: the battle to protect EU elections to recovery and Facebook has shuttered ITS election interference 'war room,' but May open new ones in the future the last episode (the predecessor to Facebook Denies Report That election war room was disbanded ) . In the latter, they quite correctly write that this is one of PR's Facebook activities.

The Apple Store has become a symbol of the brand, not a customer service, as it writes at The Lost Store Luster . They also mention one special accompanying phenomenon, and it is very difficult to buy something in the Apple Store. The existence of 500 stores with 70,000 employees has a negative impact, it is difficult to have quality.

Google is heading to liquidate affiliate links, they write in Google may be about to kill affiliate marketing links . It is related to the e-commerce war between Google and Amazon and also with Google Express Shopping, which should soon become Google Shopping. The article also mentions that for a number of content sites, this may be a real big deal - it will deprive them of part of their revenue.


If someone promises fifteen times your investment in 18 months, it won't help, even if it's in bitcoins. And it won't help if you put $ 1.5 million in life savings into it. Human stupidity is still the same and scammers actually are. See Jersey man puts $ 1.5M life savings in Bitcoin scam, loses everything and it must be added that much of that man gradually gave scammers all the time. He had plenty of time to learn, but this is one of those schemes. They write about it in Scammers dupe Islander out of £ 1.2m life savings and also mention fraudulent e-mail about "hacking a computer" and requiring payment in bitcoins for not posting photos. The fun is that instead of deleting, they recommend that people turn to the police.

Leaky and misusable by jQuery Mobile and at least since December 2018, authors have not responded (see Security issues # 8640 ). The error itself was discovered in 2017, a way to exploit it in December 2018. See the Multiple vulnerabilities in jQuery Mobile for a full description of the vulnerability and the path to abuse . If you're using JQM, it's probably pretty clear that it's no longer a maintained library, and the authors don't solve anything.

The hacker lubricates the repository and asks for a ransom, otherwise it will publish the code. Coordinated attack hit GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab. Of course, the ransom is to be in bitcoins and here you can see how many payments you get. More than 300 stores were hit (can be viewed through searches , but the number will change). It is not known how the repository was managed, but it is very likely that there is insufficient password or access tokens for old applications. See A hacker is wiping Git repositories and asking for a ransom .

Binance , one of the biggest cryptocommunications, has been hacked and lost 7000 bitcoins, a hit of about $ 40 million. In addition, hackers were able to get API keys, two-factor codes, and more. See Binance Security Breach Update and Major Crypto exchange $ 40 million hack nets .

The US Senator wants to ban microtransactions in children's games. Including a ban on all those diverse chests with things the player gets after paying real money. In many games, this is an essential part of the income, and the last two years have been a big deal whether or not such functionality is gambling. No wonder children games should not support gambling. See US Senator Bill's Ban Loot Boxes and Pay-To-Win Microtransactions , where there is one example - Candy Crush with "Luscious Bunle" for $ 150, for which you will definitely get nothing in that value.


UniCredit Bank announced"For the sake of security" and "personal information of clients" end their accounts on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Under the announcement is a fairly relatively turbulent discussion, which is not much in favor of UniCredit. On the one hand, this can be understood, banking profiles traditionally belong to social networking sites, where you will find a flood of things that people definitely shouldn't write there. The same can be seen from the practical point of view, providing any user support via Facebook (Messenger or Instagram) is fundamentally impractical, and Facebook does its best to make the firm hostage in this area. From a purely practical and customer point of view, however, a complete exit from social networks is a special decision. Especially if there's no word about it

Facebook changes video rules. It will support original content and loyal and involved viewers. If this works, you will finally stop having a newsfeed flooded with a flood of extremely funny videos that you don't want to see. But in fact, you have to read it in such a way that there is another range restriction. See Facebook updates its video guidelines to promote original content, loyal and engaged viewership and Updates to Video Ranking . In the era of video playback, it's even more comedy.

Instagram tests the limitations of the range of posts that will be challenged by the truth check. They will be controlled by those who do it for Facebook (it happens in thirty countries, the Czech Republic is not). In addition to range restrictions, a warning is also displayed on Facebook if someone wants to share it further. See Instagram is reducing the reach of posts by debunked by fact-checkers .

Twitter still can't fix the tweet, but you can finally add photos and videos to the tweet .

Transparency Report from Twitter points to the ever-increasing volume of data requests. In a fresh report (covering the second half of 2018), there are no requests from the Czech Republic for information requests from governments. Two of the requirements for content removal are from the Czech Republic. A complete overview for the Czech Republic shows that there is no one to solve much of Twitter.

Instagram will block the hashtags associated with antioxidant disinformation. Just hashtags are a fundamental way how to discover more posts on Instagram - the search in posts is nothing but hashtags. For years, Instagram has a mechanism for suppressing "unsuitable" hashtags in search. But Shadowban was denied long-term by Instagram. See Instagram will begin blocking hashtags that return anti-vaccination misinformation.


AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile in the US face a lawsuit for repeated sales of customer location data. They were supposed to get to reward hunters and several organizations that resold them. It was about 50 million T-Mobile customers and 100 million from AT&T and Verizon. See AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile to get your reported location .

Android uses over 2.5 billion people. Half a billion more than two years ago. See Android now has 2.5B users .

Byte has launched a beta test. It builds on Vine, a popular platform for short videos. The chance of success is with question marks, this part of the "market" is currently dominated by TikTok. See Vine reboot Byte begins beta testing .

Google has for a long time updated the Android version information in the Distribution dashboard . Now, even if they gave a graph with percent. But looking at the table says Oreo is the most common with 28.3%, followed by Nougat (19.2%) and the third is Marhsmallow (16.9%). The most recent version (Pie) has exceeded ten percent.

FCC has prevented China Mobile from providing telco services in the US. This is due to security concerns. According to the FCC, China Mobile USA is indirectly owned by the Chinese government (China Mobile Limited). In fact, the Huawei case is even more widespread. See FCC blocks China Mobile from operating in US over national security concerns .


IAB: More than $ 100 billion in the US in 2018 in Internet advertising. Year-on-year growth of 22%, 40% for mobile advertising, outweighs $ 69.9 billion. The video grew by 37% to 16.3 billion. See the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report Conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and the US digital advertising exceeded $ 100B in 2018 (IAB report).


Why is printing important in 2019? The infographics summarizes some reasons why we should not rely solely on the internet and digital tools and channels. See WHY PRINT MATTERS IN 2019 #INFOGRAPHIC .


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